is a new format, ‘private dining room’, a location thought for all sorts of clients who are looking for a space just for them, whether it is for a private event, a special occasion or for an intimate evening.

The possibility to reserve such a unique and refined space where you can experience cooking with a chef a variety of special dishes.

On top of the cooking classes of typical dishes pizza and bread making, you can experience the traditional ways of preparing food in a location from the 18th century in the historical center of Sorrento.


Bread and Pizza School

Esclusive Room Host / Chef or Host Only

Tailored Request

Conjugal Dinner with Sea / Land Menu

Pre – Wedding

Wine Tasting

Cooking School

Oysters and Champagne

Cooking with the Chef

Gelato School

Pastry School

Private Events


In the historical center of the city of Sorrento, in a unique location that has undergone complete architectural restoration, L’Accademia has not only maintained its original identity, but has been able to create cooking classes held by locals who have passed down over the centuries, the secret traditions of preparation of bread, pasta, pizza, but also the art of cooking meat and fish. There are also classes for the preparation of gelato and pastries amongst others! L’Accademia Private dining experience, is in fact the first location to offer its guests, cooking classes and an assortment of dishes in absolute tranquility. There is also the possibility to have a dining room in complete privacy with dedicated exclusive services where it is possible to create an idyllic evening, cooking with a chef to prepare and taste all that you desire, from sophisticated local food to wine and liquor tasting. The new format was conceived for the most demanding people, easy to reach by foot and only a few minutes from the main piazza and port. This eclectic atmosphere where you can relax,cook and live and unforgettable unique experience.

Our Beautiful Oven

  • Is for making bread
  • Is for making pizza
  • is for doing many Things

Our Wine Selection

  • Wine Tasting
  • Champagne Tasting